Hwboints for 3DMark Vantage to be enabled next week.

Hwboints for 3DMark Vantage to be enabled next week.

While 3DMark Vantage has been around for a while, it struggled with acceptance by the overclocking community as it is the first 3DMark product without a (useable) free version, and it requires Windows Vista. However, the positive things about Vantage are starting to outweight the negative, and a recent poll indicated over 2/3rd of the overclocking community wants to see points rewarded for Vantage scores.

The negative arguments not to include Vantage are slowly getting less important. Windows Vista is no longer the unstable, gimmicky successor of Windows XP. It is a requirement for DX10 games, and it runs nicely on 64bit. There is even a free version which can be used for benching purposes.

For those who find the 20$ pricetag of 3DMark Vantage too steep, we were able to work out a deal with Futuremark (thanks to SF3D) and offer it for a lower price to hwbot members. More details on this later this week. Notice that adding a non free benchmark application to the hwboints suite will not become common, we are making an exception as 2/3rd of the overclocking community think this is the right thing to do.

So, starting next week you’ll be recieving points for Vantage submissions. Gentlemen, start your engines!

The hwbot crew.

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