Pro OC News Flash - 17 Teams Signed Up, Rbuass Nails Fire Strike, NP2Korea Pro OC And Much More ...

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Pro OC News Flash – 17 Teams Signed Up, Rbuass Nails Fire Strike, NP2Korea Pro OC And Much More …

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

With seven days left to register for the first edition of the Pro OC Cup, tension is rising. To open this news flash item, let me remind all potential Pro OC participants that registration requires not only to join a team, but also for that team to have at least one submission before the registration cut-off on April 1st. As of writing, no less than seventeen Pro OC Teams have been formed of which fourteen have qualified to continue after the registration cut-off. With currently forty-four overclockers at the start of the Pro OC Cup, amongst which a couple of legends and known faces as well as interesting newcomers, it seems like this first season will be interesting to follow. As the Cup progresses, we will make time to introduce you some of the new faces with interviews and profile spotlights.

Since our last news post last week, quite a lot has happened. Not only did we see new people join the Pro OC scene, but some of the teams also put up some impressive scores on the leaderboard. In this news flash, we have a look at the latest Pro OC news!

NP2Korea Pro OC – First Warm-up Session

First up are the Koreans! As three of South Korea’s best overclockers joined forces, the NP2Korea Pro OC had its first session last week. The Korean team features Oc_windforce, Littleboy, and NAMEGT. None of these overclockers need any introduction, after all Team Korea did win last year’s MSI MOA 2013 Grand Final in Taipei! NameGT, moderator at the Korean forum, is also not a new name – he usually shows up around the time AMD gets a new toy out and is usually amongst the first to show the overclocking world what the new architecture is capable of.

As you can read in the news post at (click), the team tackled three of the five stages in their first overclocking session: Single GPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme, Full Out 3DMark11 Performance and CineBench R11.5. As the team is just warming up, the graphics card was just kept at air cooling and the focus was on overclocking the Core i7 3960X. Eventually, the team managed 5.5 GHz on the CPU. This resulted in the following scores:

A couple of pictures and a video from the event:

Rbuass Strikes Back – The K|ng Loses Number One

Last week we also documented the battle between Rbuass from Brazil and K|ngp|n from the USA in the Fire Strike Extreme stage of the Pro OC Cup. Last week, K|ngp|n could still rely on one of his backup benchmark scores but now it seems Rbuass took the first spot in that stage for United Overclockers. With the first place, United Overclockers is now only two points away from taking the overall lead in the competition. The KPC Pro OC team is still in the lead, with and the rest on quite a safe fifty point margin.

For the new record, currently 7236 points, Rbuass received help from the Schenckel Bros. They took a second GeForce GTX Titan, zombified is as usual and pushed it to a solid 1777/1851 MHz. The rest of the components are the same as in previous runs. A slightly better graphics card makes the difference. To be specific, a twenty-four point difference.

17 Teams, 44 Overclockers

As mentioned earlier in this news post, the total of Pro OC Teams has increased to 17. The amount of overclockers went up to 44. In the last week, we saw a couple of interesting sign-ups in the Pro OC section of HWBOT. We already mentioned the Korean team registering and starting out quite strong. Next to that, we can also see that CL3P20, FtW, dhenzjhen and 8 Pack have formed the core of the OCN ( Pro team. With FtW and 8 Pack, the team has two seasoned 3D benchers and Dhenzjhen might help out with the more “threaded” part of the competition. Kingpincooling also put up a so called satellite team under the (not-so-creative) KPC Pro OC #2 name. Featuring in this team are Planet, Gunslinger and Knopflerbruce. Especially the latter is a definite favorite for the Cinebench R11.5 stage of the competition. With 43.09 points, he is currently ranked first in the stage giving KPC Pro OC #2 a nice 50 point boost in the competition.

Last but not least, we have to mention FoX joining the Pro OC competition as the first Spanish competitor. He will be benching under his national flag as part of the team.

Stay tuned for more Pro OC news!

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