Award points to 3DMark Vantage scores - 2nd poll

Award points to 3DMark Vantage scores – 2nd poll

When Futuremark released 3DMark Vantage earlier this year, it caused quite a stir. For the first time, a 3DMark product required Vista and did not have a (usable) free version.

As Vista is slowly gaining momentum, and Futuremark responded to the community concern that the cheap version did not allow a user to save or view their score in the cheaper 20$ version, we would like to reevaluate 3DMark Vantage. Should 3DMark Vantage scores be awarded points, so that it affects your personal and team score? The previous poll ended fifty-fifty. As 3Dmark Vantage does not comply to the hwbot rules (not free), we require at least 70 / 30 community majority in order to add 3DMark Vantage to the hwboint suite.

Please cast your vote here.

3dmv4_1440_big.jpg3dmv3_1440_big.jpg3dmv2_1440_big.jpg3Dmark Vantage

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