How close does it get?

How close does it get?

Hello HWBot-competitors !!

It has been quite a while since the last newspost as most of the crew have been very busy. We’re still working hard on adding new features to the bot; Richba5tard, owner and coder, will have a heart-attack for sure when he gets back from his vacation as the ‘new features’-list is getting longer and longer.

Anyway, enough about HWBot, let’s have a look at you guys. Since the release of the GTX280, P45 motherboards and the E8600 people have been breaking worldrecords a lot. This morning, I had a quick peek at the Overclockers League and was quite surprised.


This is getting a really thight battle!

More and more people are breaking the 1000-points barrier and people are battling all over the ranking to gain spots. Really, one or two big results can make you jump three places:

And this is only what happens on the first page, I could easily give you even tighter battles if I show you second and third page. The same goes for the Teams League, in which we see a Belgian duel as well … :-).

With the upcoming overclocking contests of MSI, Asus and Gigabyte, I have only one message people: BENCH HARD, people, BENCH HARD!

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