HWBOT Pro OC Cup, a new challenge for extreme overclockers.

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South Africa Vivi says:

wow this is awesome :O.

do wanttttt

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

It seems not that bad :)

United States Splave says:

lets give it a shot :)

France Xyala says:

Sounds cool! Looking forward to see how this is going to take of :)

United States hokiealumnus says:

So, say a number of members from a normal team wanted to compete in the Pro OC team competition. Just regular members that are ranked in the OC league. Can they do both, or would they have to give up OC league to make a Pro OC team? If they can do both, great, it will probably increase the number of teams from....two. If you have to be dedicated only to Pro OC team and that also takes you out of the OC league, I think this whole Pro OC league thing will be quite small.

Belgium Massman says:

No, obviously you cannot be both part of the OC League and the Pro OC Cup. It's one or the other. If an OC League member wants to try out the Pro OC Cup, he can do so for three months and if he doesn't like it, just return to the OC League afterwards again. It's essentially a three month commitment; after that you are free to choose again.

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