The Winners Announcement of ASRock FM2 OC Competition

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The Winners Announcement of ASRock FM2 OC Competition

ASRock Breaks AMD FM2 OC World Record of 3DMark Vantage & CPU-Z on HWBOT

TAIPEI, Taiwan, February 7th, 2013 —The leading motherboard brand ASRock today announced the winner list of ASRock FM2 Global Overclocking Competition with HWBOT, sponsored by AMD, Cooler Master, Kingston. The final champion title of both the 3DMark Vantage and CPU-Z stage went to the same Overclocking master, CherV from HK!

CherV from Hong Kong created top scores with the ASRock FM2 Extreme6 and AMD FM2 A10 5800K. Not only did she win both stages of this competition, she also set a new CPU-Z Frequency record with a clock of 7979.13 Mhz and a record 3DMark Vantage score of P10604.

Above: From the top 20 ranking of 3DMark Vantage, 19/20 world’s top overclockers used ASRock FM2 A85X Extreme 6 to create the score.

Above: A new high score of 7979.13 MHz with ASRock FM2A85X Extreme 6.

Besides the champion, other participants also used the ASRock FM2 series to create a superb score. On the top 20 of the 3DMark Vantage ranking, 19 score holders used a ASRock FM2 series motherboard. Today, ASRock is thrilled to announce that we’re out to prove ourselves as an expert motherboard brand in the Overclocking field.

CPU-ZOverallWeek 1 (07/01-14/01)Week 2 (14/01-21/01)Week 3 (21/01-28/01)Week 4 (28/01-04/01)
7979.13 MHz7738.52 MHz7588 MHz7239 MHz7609.76 MHz
3DMark VantageOverallWeek 1 (07/01-14/01)Week 2 (14/01-21/01)Week 3 (21/01-28/01)Week 4 (28/01-04/01)

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