HWBOT Team Cup 2013 Kicks Off!

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HWBOT Team Cup 2013 Kicks Off!

The Team Cup is back! As announced in the report of the last edition of the Country Cup, from February 1 until May 1 HWBOT is hosting the second edition of the Team Cup. In case you don’t remember, the last edition was won by Overclock.net, so they are obviously the big favorites for this edition as well. The main theme of the Team Cup 2013 revolves around high-end performance since the beginning of this millennium. We took the most high-end components available at every second year, starting from 2000, and build a competition around it featuring the benchmarks SuperPI 1M, 3DMark03 and 3DMark Vantage.

The competition format is a little bit different than last year. We have reduced the amount of sub-competitions and stages, but slightly increased the hardware complexity. Even more than last year, it’s quite likely you will have to poke your active and inactive community members to help out or even recruit new members! Also, the focus lies with older hardware and not so much the new gear. New this year is also the “Live Performance” stage which is designed as incentive to go out and promote your overclocking team and its activities in the outside world.

For this competition, we’re teaming up with new HWBOT partner Cooler Master for the prizes. Both Cooler Master and HWBOT wish all the participating teams the best of luck!

More information

For more information on the benchmark, hardware limitations and verification requirements, please refer to the specific competition pages.

Last notes

First and foremost, the Team Cup is about strengthening the team spirit and promoting your overclocking activities within the realm of your own forum and online social group. It’s about having fun and sharing the passion of overclocking more than it is about winning and breaking records. Feel free to share your group session pictures with the rest of the forum and maybe make a couple of funny group photos.

Secondly, winning is a lot of fun! Even though the competition is a little trickier than last time, we hope you can find the inspiration and motivation to kick ass like you do in the previous Team Cup and all the Country Cups.

For the record-hunters amongst you, we will be posting the top scores for each stage in the forum so you have a target. For the extreme record-hunters amongst you, this year there’s a total of 1750 points to be acquired in the Team Cup stages. Last year, Overclock.net got an impressive 606/1050 (~ 57.7%) … maybe you and your team can do better this year?!

Good luck to everyone!

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