HWBOT hardware index 2008 Q1

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HWBOT hardware index 2008 Q1

The HWBOT hardware index is the brainchild of mtzki, our in-house mathematics and statistics guru. The hardware index indicates the performance of thousands of videocards and processors, based on 160.000 results. The charts show the index of the hardware when overclocked to their maximal capability, not when running at factory settings. 100% means the hardware in question is the fastest available in each benchmark application, any other percentage is the relative performance compared to fastest.

Processor Index

Much like 2007 Q4, the Intel Core 2 processor is still dominating the charts, embarrassing the new AMD Phenom with their first entry on the 30th place. The new QX9770 (avg oc 4945mhz) fails to push the older Q9650 (avg oc 5015mhz) of its throne, as the QX9650 with its lower fsb (1333 vs 1600mhz) is slightly easier to overclock. The aging Q6600 (avg oc 3900mhz) is a bargain hunt right now. While it may be hotter than it’s newer siblings, it has very decent factory performance and can be found for less than 200 euro / 250 usd.

Another noticable entry is the new Intel Core 2 E8x00 series. The madly overclocking E8500 (avg oc 4955mhz) is will fit in anyones budget and will get you top notch performance, while emitting little heat.

The first AMD Phenom has made his entry, the Phenom 9500 X4 (avg oc 2800mhz), but it’s relatively poor overclocking capabilities, and lower hwindex than the 50$ E2160, fails to impress us.

Processor Hardware Index  2008 Q1

Videocard Index

The first quarter of 2008 was dominated by dual core videocards, first the ATI/AMD HD3870X2, then the NV 9800GX2, both beating a very expensive 2x8800Ultra setup. While loud, powerhungry multicore videocards is not something most gamers are waiting for, it is nice to see the hw charts being lead by very affordable videocards.

While the top 20 is still mostly Nvidia, ATI/AMD is doing respectable with it’s HD38x0 series. It’s dual core HD3870X2 managed to reign the rankings for over a month, and the HD3870/3850 are still good value cards, giving you quite some fun in crossfire setups. If it wasn’t for the 8800GT paper launch late 2007, they might have regained a decent market share.

The new Nvidia videocards based on the G92 core, the 8800GS/GT/GTS, provides a nice speed bump over it’s older G80 sibling, which was already a great videocard.

Videocard Hardware Index  2008 Q1

Stay tuned for the next hardware index update, on the first of July 2008.

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