HWBOT Expands - Welcomes Dennis Devriendt as site developer

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HWBOT Expands – Welcomes Dennis Devriendt as site developer

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

Good news, everyone!

As of yesterday, October 29 2012, HWBOT has a new full-time dedicated site developer. Dennis Devriendt is, just like Frederik and Pieter, from Belgium and has been hired to work full-time on HWBOT development. Due to an increased workload as consequence of a secret NDA project, the site’s development has slowed down over the past couple of months. With the effort and input of Dennis, we hope to pick up on development speed and respond to bug reports and feature requests faster.

In the first couple of weeks Dennis will familiarize himself with the HWBOT code after which he’ll be adding lines at full-speed.

A message from Dennis

Hi there!

As Massman said, I’ll be helping out with the development of the site as a coder. I’ll try to tackle some of the bugs first, making sure that the site runs smoothly. I’ll keep an eye on the forums and read the feedback that you guys give, so yes, we do listen if you make a suggestion or report a bug.

I’m from Belgium and I’ve known about HWBOT since the beginning, Richba5tard and I have been long time visitors of the Shrimp forums. I think it’s great how big the site has gotten! Massman and I don’t really know each other but I’ve definitely read a lot of his articles on Madshrimps.

I hope you guys don’t expect to see a die-hard OC’er in me, I’m afraid that’s not really the case. I’m more of a software geek than a hardware geek. That said, I love to see the crazy things some of you pull off to get a little higher score.

I’m looking forward to working for HWBOT!



Welcome to the family, Dennis, and good luck!

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