Should HD3870X2 and other dual core videocards be put in sli/cf rankings?

Should HD3870X2 and other dual core videocards be put in sli/cf rankings?

Sapphire HD 3870X2The release of the AMD/ATI HD3870X2 caused quite a stir amongst our members. The HD3870 is a very decent gpu, and when you put two on them on one pcb, you release a very powerfull videocard that does not require a crossfire capable motherboard.

Should be keep treating the HD3870X2 as a single videocard, or should dual core videocards be banished from the “single videocard”

Arguments for keeping it in the single card rankings:
– simplicity: single card = single socket = single card rankings
– it does not require sli/crossfire capable motherboards
– it does not cost more than other single cards
unclear what to do when videocards show up with 2 or more cores in one die (cfr. Intel Core 2 / Quad)

Arguments for putting it in the dual card rankings:
– it uses crossfire/SLI technology, and is essentially 2 videocards on one pcb
– one day, an expensive videocard with multiple cores on one pcb could be released that would obliterate all single core videocards, making competition in the single rankings very unfair

The current hwbot standpoint is treat it like a single card. We do not seperate the rankings based on how many cores the videocard/processor may have, but how many sockets it uses.

Please cast your vote in our forum poll. We require at least 30 people and 2/3rd in favor of sli/cf rankings in order to change the rules.

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