HWBOT hardware index 2007 Q4

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HWBOT hardware index 2007 Q4

The HWBOT hardware index is the brainchild of mtzki, our in-house mathematics and statistics guru. The hardware index indicates the performance of thousands of videocards and processors, based on hundred thousands of results. The charts show the index of the hardware when overclocked to their maximal capability, not when running at factory settings. 100% means the hardware in question is the fastest available in each benchmark application, any other percentage is the relative performance compared to fastest.

Processor Index

The Intel Core 2 processor ruled the charts in the last quarter of 2007, lead by the new 45nm Intel QX9650. It seems like it will take some time until we see AMD at the top again. Hopefully, the new AMD Phenom will break through the charts in 2008 Q1.

HWBOT processor index 2007 Q4

Videocard Index

Nvidia proved to have made a winning design with the GF 8800 series. While the 8800 Ultra is not the newest card on the block, it’s still leading the charts. ATI/AMD isn’t doing too bad either, as their very affordable HD3850/3870 series proves to be excellent bang for the buck.
HWBOT videocard index 2007 Q4

Stay tuned for the next hardware index update, on the first of april 2008.

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