In The Spotlights: Unseen

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In The Spotlights: Unseen

Getting to know each other…
unseen at work
HWBOT: Good morning, Unseen, are you up for this interview?
Unseen: Absolutley, but before I start to answer you questions, I’d like to thank the HWBot crew for giving me the opportunity to introduce me to the big public.

HWBOT: Okay, first question, obviously, please tell us a bit more about yourself.
Unseen: My name is Christos and as you may know, I am from Thessaloniki, Greece. I am 27 years old and I run my own IT company.

HWBOT: Next question then: How and when did you start overclocking?
Unseen: About ~12-13 years ago I tweaked my 386DX 40Mhz but I don’t remember much from those days. I think my first serious overclock was on a Pentium 166mmx when I managed to run Final Fantasy benchmark at ~293mhz with the help of a small 40watt peltier and a Globalwin heatsink.

HWBOT: Wow, you’re one of the first hardcore enthusiasts, it seems. Does your work/studies have something to do with computing hardware and/or overclocking?
Unseen: Yes, as I’ve said I have my own computer company, but it has nothing to do with overclocking really. Basically, we support pharmaceutical warehouses and pharmaceutical companies. Next to that, I also I run a e-shop with cooling related stuff: MyfreezePack.

HWBOT: That’s a question many of us ask, I think. We all know Mr. Rocha admires 3DMark01, but what are our favorite benchmarks?
Unseen: My favorite benchmarks are 2D benchmarks in general, because you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying expensive hardware such as videocards, insane power supplies etc. I like 32m superpi and wPrime1024 because they stress the hardware a lot.

HWBot: Do your family members understand your hobby?
I’m afraid not, I bet they’ll frown their eyebrows off if you start about overclocking.

HWBOT: Where does your overclocking knowledge come from?
Unseen: Trial ‘n error and long hours in front of the screen. Of course it helps to be a a member of a team as we share our knowledge and many tell each other tips and tweaks. Most good stuff comes from my team members.

A lifetime of benching …

HWBOT: Thank you, let’s move on to the benchmarking experience section of the questions, which is why most people are reading this article for.

HWBOT: What’s your current bench setup?
Unseen: I am playing with the upcoming Intel yorkfield cpu’s and X38/ddr3 motherboard. The problem is that I don’t have my own hardware so I can’t bench something for more than a week. Usually I just bench with stuff that comes for reviews.

HWBOT: Benching all these years, you certainly have had a lot of components lying on your table. But what is your favorite setup so far?
Unseen: Hehe, this is a funny question, because I think that there is no cooling technique that I haven’t tried. From stock heatsink to 30000 btu cascades to liquid nitrogen … I have done it all.

HWBOT: What is you favorite bench setup up till now?
One setup that I loved was P5b vanilla full modded with a good E6600 cpu @ ~5200mhz.

HWBOT: If you had to choose one, what’s your most memorable session?
Unseen: Yeah! The most memorable session was when we were the first team that tried LN2 in Greece. We had a good Pentium4 670 and with the help of Abit as8 we broke 6Ghz easily back in 2005.

HWBOT: Is there anything especially weird in your way of oc’ing? Secret weapons?
Unseen: No secret weapons at all. The only thing that I have to mention is that I have the support of the biggest refrigeration company in North Greece and of course my oc partner Eleven. I think this explains a lot. (Thank you guys!)

HWBOT: What would you consider as your best overclocking achievements?
Unseen: Something from the past… A cacheless 266mhz Celeron @ ~580Mhz with the help of watercooling+peltier on Abit BH6 board. Priceless!

HWBOT: Do you have a long hardware kill count?
Unseen: No. ~10% of the hardware that I’ve played all these years is dead. I know how to protect my hardware but there will always be bad times.

Overclocking is sharing

HWBOT: Not a hardware killer? That’s a positive quality! Now, let’s continue talking about the enthusiasts scene. We all know that everyone has his favorites, but who are your favorite benchmarkers?
Unseen: I feel great respect for Shamino. He is my favorite benchmaker because he benches and keeps a very humble person. No big words, no fights, he shares knowledge without waiting to give him something back. Two other people that I respect a lot are Hadji_a from our team because he is the absolute tweak master and last but not least Bachus_Anonym from Xs.

HWBOT: What forums do you browse?
Unseen: Except my team’s forum ( you will usually find me in , and

HWBOT: I have heard great things about the OutOfSpecs.Gr team. Are you really that close?
Unseen: The truth is that we are really close to each other. We have meetings twice a week. And guess what? Every week our team is bigger than the week before.
HWBOT: How the enthusiasm within your team?
Unseen: Basically in our team more people are overclockers and not benchmakers. Our target is not to be the 1st in hwbot. We want to have our PCs overclocked and stable 24/7 at the highest speed possible. We bench only for fun!

HWBOT: Tips for newcomers?
Unseen: My tip for people that want to start now is not to believe everything they read and trust everyone in forums. You have to work a lot on your own! As a good friend says you won’t find the “WR” option in bios to set it to enable! Overclocking is not plug ‘n play!

Greece 2nd in country rankings.HWBOT: How big is the overclocking hobby in your country?
Unseen: This is something that you can easily check at hwbot stats. We are a small country but there are two strong teams.
HWBOT: Greece is currently second in the country rankings, impressive!

HWBOT: Would you describe the oc’ing community as friendly or as hostile
Unseen: Hmm… tricky questions. Some unfortunate things happened in my country. If someone is no longer willing to for his “country” or for the bigger community, they call you a cheater or a loser. This way of thinking is something that is dictated from the leaders. On the other hand, as a team we think that benchmarking is not a national sport. It is simply a hobby. No need for flags imho. But in general, I think that communities are friendly.


HWBOT: Inevitable … you know it, we really have to ask some questions about HWBOT. For instance, how did you discover hwbot?
Unseen: No special story, really, I just knew your forum bots on XS.

HWBOT: What does hwbot bring to this hobby in your opinion?
Unseen: In my opinion, hwbot would be better if it didn’t have a point system. The great thing it brings is the big result database and this is what counts for me.

HWBOT: Any thoughts or remarks on HWBOT? Anything you would like to change or add?
Unseen: Nothing really. I think the system works ok. Maybe some more result moderators.

A view on the future …

HWBOT: Yep, 100k scores is a lot and all the crew members have daily jobs as well. We try to do the best we can, that’s for sure. Anyway, almost ready, just a few more questions to go. For example, this one: Do you have any near-future plans for hwboints hunting?
Unseen: I am waiting for a really good cpu for some 2D benching *WINK*.

HWBOT: What would you like to achieve in overclocking?
Unseen: To be, if only for a second, number one in the superpi 32M benchmark. (Un)fortunetly I have to deal with great benchers like the entire Team Japan.
HWBOT: Breaking hardware, spending thousands of dollars … is there any sense in this hobby?
Unseen: No! Actually, I don’t even know why I’m still doing this. Must be the friendships I built up, I guess.

HWBOT: Why should manufacturers spend more time designing overclocking products?
Unseen: Because they will make our life easier and of course because overclocking communities are growing fast!

HWBOT: A quick last question maybe, How would you describe you hobby in three words?
Unseen: Expensive, Fantastic, Time wasteful!

HWBOT: Any last remarks?
Yes! I have to stop. The 32m benchmark crashes all the time when benching inside and I have to get it outside as it is really cold in my balcony now.

HWBOT: This is the end – finally, this took quite some time – and we really want to thank you for doing this interview. Take your setup outside and we wish you a lot of success in your future life and benchmark sessions; hope to see you at the top one day!

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