HWBOT Proud to Announce Official Partnership with ECS Elitegroup

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HWBOT Proud to Announce Official Partnership with ECS Elitegroup

We are proud to announce that as of May 9 2011, ECS Elitegroup will be joining the HWBOT force as partner. ECS Elitegroup, established in 1987, is approaching its 25th year of business. More than two decades, ECS has overcome a great deal of obstacles facing new businesses and has experienced the joy of significant growth and development. Her main focus has expanded to not only motherboards, but also desktop and notebook computers, graphics cards and other mobile products. ECS is strongly committed to develop cutting-edge technology in order to generate innovative products under environmental friendly designs. ECS comprehensive system of quality control provides our clients with reassurance and fosters long term cooperation.

We would like to express our gratitude to ECS Elitegroup for the help in making HWBOT financially viable and enabling us to continue promoting overclocking and supporting its communities. With ECS Elitegroup’s support, we have found extra motivation to make the site as pleasant as possible for the overclocking community!

Thank you ECS Elitegroup!

(ps: ECS competition inbound!)

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