The beast is back !

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The beast is back !

They’re back, the OCX knights !!

Together with the help of the Spanish overclockers from Overclocking.ES, Team OCX jumps back into the top3, using only 2700 benchmark scores. The team of current high-scorers JoeCool and MickeyMouse got the help of some other great benchers such as HarleyBro, MaSell and many, many more. The spirit is back and according to what I’ve read on their forums, they are determined to become n°1 as fast as possible.

Good luck, but the competition ain’t that easy to beat. Hellas OC team has with Hipro5 and Gprhellas the top two benchers in their ranks and Team MXS and Team Poland can count on their team members to add extra points.

This way, we also want to congratulate Team MXS for the first place they’ve reached a few week/months ago. We didn’t write a newspost, but we should have!

By the way, you may or may not have seen it, but HWBot currently has over 100 thousand valuable results in its database. Nothing would have been possible if it wasn’t for all the benchers who share their benchmark pleasure with each other. We’re still missing a lot of Asian benchers, I’m afraid, but we hope that they will find their way to HWBot, as well as the other overclockers in the world.

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