It's up to you

It’s up to you

HWBot…we all use it…we all love it :p  

The original concept of HWBot was to provide a simple way for a forum to maintain their benchmark rankings.  Three years later HWBot has grown into an important resource for all overclockers.  As you all know HWBot is a user driven database, the responsibility for accuracy is placed primarily on the person submitting the result.  Occasionally errors do occur but these things are no big deal.  Either the user, the crew or the team’s captain will fix the result when the problem is spotted. 

Unfortunately there is also a darker side to user submission; some people feel it’s necessary to abuse HWBot and the community by posting stolen, faked, duplicate or shared results in a effort to gain points for themselves and their team.  Ultimately these users will only damage their reputation and hurt their Team.  And of course the community who relies on the accuracy of submissions is also left to wonder why.

Starting Oct. 8th HWBot will be conducting an in-depth cleanup campaign, providing an accurate resource for all overclockers is important to us.  Prior to this date users have the opportunity to get their accounts cleaned-up. If they need help, they can always contact a result moderator. Once the clean-up is underway, when we find any fraudulent users they will be banned. Remember HWBot is a free service to the community; if you want to earn points do the work, win with clocks, skill & the hours you put in – not by being dishonest.  HWBot and the community will always be what you make it, it’s up to everyone to make it great.

HWBot crew

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