The Battle For the Frozen Throne

The Battle For the Frozen Throne

Thrasher2 hwking3:54AM richba5tard: Bwanasoft has taken the number 1 spot from THRASHER2!
4:15AM richba5tard: Now he’s in third place!
4:30AM rainless: I’ll give him a couple of hours. Maybe he’ll make it back to first.

Well now it’s 8:27am and the battle still rages for the number 1 spot in the hardware rankings.

For as long as anyone could remember THRASHER2‘s hold on The Throne has been impenatrable. But just a short time ago he found himself on the outside of the castle looking in as Bwanasoft held a huge feast in the honor of Clockesta… Goddess of not going out enough on Friday nights…

It was reported that, in an emotional rage, THRASHER2 canceled his honeymoon plans with Scarlett Johansson and went immediately on a rampage overclocking old Celerons and Pentium 3s surrounding the fiefdom.

Thrasher2's tweak stationThe result is Bwanasoft gets the boot and THRASHER2 reclaims the throne. But since the guillotine was not available at the time of this article, I get the feeling this battle is far from over…

But I would personally like to congratulate both Bwana and THRASHER2 for a remarkable job well-done!

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