The USSR Rising

The USSR Rising

USSRWelcome to my innaugural post as News Writer for HWBOT.ORG

What happens when you take the all the greatest overclockers of one of the largest nations in the world and put them on the same team?


As of this past Saturday, August 25th, Born in USSR did just that.

Headed by Sergey13 with 677.4 points and a whopping 49 gold medals, even their 10th place guy (Gradus) has 70 gold medals!

While impressive, Born in USSR is, by no means, the first O/C team to present a “united front.” The third place United Team of Poland has been around since April 2006. Nevertheless the USSR team’s impact is undeniable and the end result since last Saturday is that every team on the global ranking has been sent down a spot.

While still too early for weekly results on Born in USSR, traditionally these united teams haven’t done as well in the individual rankings (with United Team of Poland landing 12th place across the board in the 3Dmark rankings), but with the astounding global lead that the Born in USSR maintains I’ll curious to see if the Moon is about to change.


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