i-Ram allowed @ HWBot

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i-Ram allowed @ HWBot

In light of Futuremarks recent decision to remove all i-Ram scores from the ORB, HWBot has to take a slightly different approach to verification of PCMark results run with i-Ram.  From here on out all PCMark scores using i-Ram (or the forthcoming SSD disks), need to provide verification in the form of a screen capture.  The screen capture must include the individual test details windows as well as CPU-Z open in the capture, OR a screen capture of the score details from your project manager.  Of these two choices a desktop screen shot is preferred, don’t worry about the partial details window – thats is an FM programming limitation.  For non-pro users obviously a screen capture is not an option so you will need to upload the project and take the capture from your project manager. 

Existing i-Ram scores at HWBot will be given alot of leeway as they were at one time perfectly valid.  We encourage all users with existing i-Ram scores to look for backup verification such as a screen cap or create new verification using the above mentioned method.  If anyone has any question or comments post them here or in the forum discussion.

Thanks and good benching everyone!


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