hwbot v2.0 public testrun

hwbot v2.0 public testrun

awesom-oThe hwbot crew is almost ready to present it’s new baby dubbed ‘hwbot v2.0 AWESOM-O‘. As there are a huge amount of features and changes, we want to give it a testrun before releasing it to the public.

Everyone is free to try out v2.0 on our testserver to comment on the new features, find bugs and discuss the new hwboints algorithm.

Do not suggest new features, this testrun is for commenting on existing features and finding bugs.

Major new features:
new design1. Complete redesign.
New design inspired by joomla and niceforms give it a cleaner and more userfriendly look. It has been tested properly with FF, Safari and is supposed to render well on IE7 and Opera. IE6 or lower will show some glitches, we will try to fix most before official release.

rankings2. Hwboints algorithm v2
Mtzki, the intellectual father of the hwboint algorithm, refined the algorithm to be much more rewarding than the first version.
Key changes:
– people who reach the worldwide top 500 of a popular ranking are awarded much better
– the same for people who reach the hardware top 20 with very popular hardware (= a lot of competition)
– the spreading of points has been smoothed (check topic)
– to prevent mixing hardware ‘grinders’ with ‘elite’ overclockers, a cap of 300 hw points has been put on the member hall of fame. This cap does not count for the team hall of fame.

hardware king3. Hardware master league
The hardware master league has been designed to seperate the extreme overclockers (those who bench with liquid nitrogen on +500$ processors and videocards) from the crazy hardware addicts (those who bench a huge amount of affordable hardware).

There are 3 different ranks in the hardware master league. First you have the hardware masters, lead by the ‘hardware king‘. You’ll need at least 400 hw points (not global points) to achieve this status. Second, there is the extreme hardware junkies: people who have at least 50 golden cups. And last, you have the hardware junkie: people who managed to collect 50 cups or medals.

4. achievements
When you reach the top 100 of the member hall of fame, you get the ‘overclocking guru’ achievement shown in your profile. When you reach the top 20, you get the ‘overclocking hero’ achievement, and when you reach the top 5, you get the ‘overclocking legend’ label.

5. hardware charts
Tons of clean and interesting hardware charts have been added, using the manufacturers logo most dominant color to color the bars.

6. hardware comparator
Compile your own list of hardware you want to compare, and be able to add your own results to the charts.

7. one team, multiple fora
You’re now able to assign multiple fora to the same team. Excellent feature for those who want to create one national team while keeping their own local forum.

country8. country of origin
The country of origin can now be chosen for both teams and members. It will be displayed in the profile and all rankings. National rankings are a planned extension.

9. custom profile content for teams and users
Your now able to add custom text and pictures to your team/member profile.

memory and motherboard info10. ability to specify memory and motherboard specifications when submitting
You’re now able to specify memory and motherboard specifications when submitting scores.

11. ability to specify cooling when submitting
You’re now able to specify the cooling of the videocard and processor when submitting scores.

12. external xml api for members/teams/hall of fame information
We now provide an xml api for retrieving the latest member/team/hall of fame information, so you can display hwbot info on your own site too.

13. forum and hwbot account merged
Your hwbot account is now merged with the forum account. You will be notified of new pm’s when visiting hwbot, view latest topics, and will not need to log in again for the forums. This is automatic for new registrations, existing users will have to verify their forum login, or choose to create a new forum account.

result log14. result statistics and hisotry log
We now provide a log for each result which keeps track of rank and point changes, modifications, etc.

We will try to keep the testserver availability as high as possible, but frequent downtimes are inevitable.

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