Hipro5 crushes competition

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Hipro5 crushes competition

Hipro5, the greek overclocking legend, fired up his x6800/8800gtx setup once again in an attempt to regain some of the 3d titles. Earlier this week he had some major problems, because his awesome fatbody memory died, so he had to take out a new pair of (inferior) sticks.

With the help of the new nVidia 158.19 drivers, the legend managed to set new world records in four of the five single card leagues. Thanks to the record, he also regains his second place in the members league, with a 42-points lead over OPB. He’s still 80 away from k|ngp|n, but if Hipro5 manages to break all sli bench records, KP’s domination will soon be history … (will be coninued).

Follow the official thread at XtremeSystems: here.

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