Hwbot crew interview: Maxi (super moderator)

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Hwbot crew interview: Maxi (super moderator)

Today we interview Maxi, one of our super moderators. He’s a team captain of OCForums and avid hwbot user from day one.

hwbot: Can you tell something about yourself? Job/study, marital state, hobbies, oc team you are part of…
Maxi: Hi my name is Mark, aka Maxi @ OCF, G H Z @ XS. I work for a software company in Seattle. Most of my time is spent building Installshield projects, supporting customers and occasionally doing on-site work configuring our applications. I’m recently single so I have more time to do the things I love, mainly outdoor stuff & traveling. Of course the winter sport for me is overclocking, being in Seattle even someone who likes the rain needs to dry off from time to time. I spent some time on the Kenai (in Alaska) last summer and 3 weeks fishing and travelling around in the Bahama’s @ Nassau & Andros islands a couple years back. Great times!

hwbot: How did you get recruited?
Maxi: Frederik aka richba5tard invited me. We got to know each other on my home forum, OC Forums last year. I was very happy to accept the invitation and add my experience to the mix of great guys already at hwbot.

hwbot: What do you do for hwbot?
Maxi: Initially I was a result moderator however being an avid bencher myself I felt it wasn’t the right place for me to be moderatng other HOF hwbot users scores. Now I spend time helping out on the forums, assisting sadhiq with the processor database, moderating in a limited capacity and then generally just annoying other hwbot staff :D

hwbot: What does working for hwbot give you in return?
Maxi: You know it’s really an honor to be a hwbot staff member. I have alot of admiration for the whole project and all the people involved in it’s creation and it’s importance in the community. Working with these guys is inspiring, sometimes chaotic but mostly alot of fun. hwbot presents some serious challenges also and is constantly trying to improve itself. I think it’s important for everyone to realize what an effort it really is, and what an impressive accomplishment it already is.

hwbot: Are you an overclocker yourself? If so, how did you get sucked into it? Any overclocking awards you’re proud of?
Maxi: Yes of course, it began for me in 2002 when I built my first system and killed my first graphics card. Why destroying perfectly good hardware has such an appeal I’m still not sure about but for sure it’s addicting and a lot of fun. Made some good friends along the way and witnessed some amazing accomplishments from macci‘s insane graphics clocks to Oppainters seemingly effortless ORB domination. These guys we’re the real inspiration to me.

hwbot: Are there any upcoming hwbot features you are excited about?
Maxi: New benchmarks, merchandise, Rev2, so much going on! But mainly hwbot to me is all about overclocking and the skill, determination and passion of the many overclocker’s submitting results. With hwbot in a constant state of evolution I believe it can only get better. That dynamic is really the best to work in and will ensure a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

hwbot: What is, in your opinion, missing from hwbot?
Maxi: Not much. If there we’re a bullet-proof way to discover fake or bugged submissions it would be nice but it’s really a very difficult task.

hwbot: What was the most memorable hwbot experience for you, if any?
Maxi: Watching the HOF and the race for the top with the stunning results along the way.

hwbot: Which hardware do you currently own?
Maxi: Recently I have been benching an X6800,8800GTX SLI, P4 631 and the new DFI 965 Dark board. Of course with the next gen of hardware close at hand I’m sure this will be changing very soon.
hwbot: Thank you for your time!

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