Hwbot crew interview: SF3D (moderator)

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Hwbot crew interview: SF3D (moderator)

Today we interview SF3D, our newest addition coming from Finland. Be careful when you try to submit a fake or incomplete score, because our watchdog will bite you!

Finlandhwbot: Can you tell something about yourself? Job/study, marital state, hobbies, oc team you are part of…
SF3D: I’m 26 years old and I live in one of the coldest countries in the world, Finland. My occupation is physiotherapist, so I am not only interested about computer anatomy, but humans too :) I have my own clinic in Tampere and I enjoy my work. I have girlfriend and we are having baby in few weeks. My hobbies are computers in generally, overclocking, sports, cars, photography etc.

I’m team captain in OCTeamFinland and proud of it. I’m currently in lead in our team internal competition. OCTeamFinland is number 6 at the moment in team rankings.

hwbot: How did you get recruited?
SF3D: My team mate mtzki told me, that there is need for helping hands with result moderation. I have always liked HWbot, so why not.

hwbot: What do you do for hwbot?
SF3D: My main responsibility is result moderation and especially Hall of Fame scores. Edit, Block and delete…those are my tools.

hwbot: What does working for hwbot give you in return?
SF3D: I have seen a lot of scores (I really mean A LOT) and it gives me useful information and knowledge that I need when I do my own benches. I also have chance to see how this database is growing bigger all the time. I like international connections and this really gives them to me. It’s nice to get e-mails from other side of the world. I like to help everyone with HWbot issues, so feel free to contact me anytime.

hwbot: Are you an overclocker yourself? If so, how did you get sucked into it? Any overclocking awards you’re proud of?
SF3D: Yes I am! I started to overclock when Futuremark released 3Dmark2001, but at first it was really little. Now years later I have more money and finally I have some serious cooling power coming. I have played with dry ice and chilled water so far, but now it’s time to move on. I like 3D benches more, but nowadays I’m also getting more familiar with other tests.

I was proud of my Nvidia GF6800 scores in 2005 and Nvidia 7800GT scores in early 2006, but now those scores are gone. It was my AMD time then and I do know what “cold bug” means.

I will do 8800GTX benches in near future. Maybe there will be some scores to be proud of.

hwbot: Are there any upcoming hwbot features you are excited about?
SF3D: The new hwboint system is one. Basic idea is really good in it.

In general I’m excited about HWbot itself and I do feel that this is just start of something long lasting.

hwbot: What is, in your opinion, missing from hwbot?
SF3D: We need some memory bandwidth and latency benchmark. Also CPU test with different mathematical tasks would be nice. (It’s coming already) Maybe some test like Gpudip (GPU digital image processing) would be nice also.

Maybe it would be nice to have some charts where you can compare some self picked results. It would be good thing if there would be more info in hall of fame results. And you should not be able to submit 3D results in Hall of Fame without screenshot (test resolution and gpu speed and cpu-z) and futuremark ORB link.

hwbot: What was the most memorable hwbot experience for you, if any?
SF3D: When I got my first golden trophy. :)

Also memorable is the moment when I realized how serious benching can be for some overclockers.

hwbot: Do you have something to say to your team?
SF3D: Yes I do. Where are all Finnish overclockers these days? This team needs your efforts.

We have small OC community in Finland, but we have a lot of talent in it. Guys, please start your engines again. Let them know what we can do.

I would like to see some big numbers from Macci and Sampsa.

hwbot: Which hardware do you currently own?
SF3D: E6600 L627B005 The golden boy…not quite.
Asus P5N32E-SLI
Abit Quad GT
Inno3D Geforce 8800GTX (currently two, Thanks to Mtzki)
Asus 7650 GS
Mushkin XP2-6400 D9 GCT (1GB kit)
Rhino D9 GMH (2GB kit)
Thermaltake Toughpower 850W

2x1HP rotary cascade is coming. SLI containers and CPU container are also coming. A lot of other stuff. :)
hwbot: Thanks for your time, mate!

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