hwbot interviews Team MXS Modlabs.net

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hwbot interviews Team MXS Modlabs.net

Today we interview Team MXS (Modlabs.net Xcessive Speed), our second interview to get to know our Russian and Eastern Europe friends better.

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hwbot: Could you give a short introduction to your team?
Modlabs.net: Team MXS (ModLabs.net Xcessive Speed) was founded in 2004 by well-known regional IT-enthusiasts’ website ModLabs.net. At that time we were the first benchmarking team in our region and we’re still by far the most popular.
Our team has two captains – demiurg and BuM!!!. Currently, Team MXS consists of about 40 active members and we’re working constantly on recruiting new benchmarkers in our ranks.
MXS is international as our members live in Russia, Ukraine, USA and Germany. Formally ModLabs.net website is operated from Ukraine but it is aimed on any Russian-speaking hardware enthusiasts regardless country of citizenship.

hwbot: How did the team get started?
Modlabs.net: At the beginning, MXS was organised by three persons – ALT-F13, Laikrodiz and Musiaka as Eastern European division of XtremeSystems.org 3DMark Team (it was sanctioned by XS owner – FUGGER and XS 3DMark Team captain of that time – MrIcee) and “MXS” actually standed for “ModLabs XtremeSystems”. In 2006 restructurisation was done, followed by change of MXS abbreviation meaning.

hwbot: When and why did you join the hwbot competition?
Modlabs.net: MXS was registered on Hwbot.org in July’06 after the initiative from S_A_V, who is a team member considered by teammates as major specialist in hwbot matters. Our team take part in different rankings and contests. Of course, it begins with Futuremark ORB and hwbot, but we also participate in regional overclocking challenges like Titans Cup series.
Time passed can tell us that hwbot became a second breath for our team and raised our strength, motivation and popularity to new heights.

hwbot: Are there any famous members in your team?
Modlabs.net: At the moment, Gorod should be considered as the most prominent member of Team MXS. He made quite a lot of appearances in ORB Hall of Fame in the past and currently (statement true for 17.04.2007) he possesses #6 in 3DM03 ranking, #9 in 3DM05 and #20 in 3DM06. By the way, all these results were achieved during latest Titans Cup 4 – Russian overclocking championship.
Other member, S_A_V was entitled as ‘videocard maniac‘ by hwbot administration. His vast knowledge and great voltmodding skills continiously help our team to achieve better results.
Old-school benchmarkers might recall the name of one of Team MXS founders and ModLabs.net owner – ALT-F13, for his overclocking achievements in 2003-2004 (BGA RAM & GPU re-soldering at home was recognized as “Xtreme thing of the year 2003” at XS forums; numerous TOP-10 ORB appearances; insane 3DM01 results with FX5900XT card; he was also continiously holding a 3DM01 record for ex-USSR region for over two years and is well-known as a constant promoter for phase-change cooling systems since 2003). He and cyclone might be also known to Xbitlabs.com readers for their several hardware reviews and voltmodding guides.
Team MXS have several more members who aren’t famous world-wide but greatly improve team ranking in hwbot with more than 100 earned boints each – kim55, demiurg, mivel and cawabunga.
Actually each team member is a crucial component of Team MXS success and we are proud to be the community which unites the best professionals of our region.

hwbot: Any secret weapons your team uses? Extreme cooling? Sharing of tweaks?
Modlabs.net: Of course, we use different types of extreme cooling as each team does, as well as other hardware modifications. Teammates discuss new tweaks and other possible ways for result improvement at dedicated private Team MXS section of ModLabs.net forums.

LN2We strongly believe that any hobby including overclocking gains a lot from club-style organization. That’s why we started to work on establishing a better real-life personal communication between team members.
Team MXS-Kiev Division (capital city of Ukraine) have special testing laboratory with different useful hardware and equipment (from soldering irons to LN2 dewar) to make long benchmarking sessions easier and more effective. Through five years of “benchmarking racing” experience we learned, among other things, that team work always brings much more fun to overclocking hobby and usually helps to achieve better results by joint efforts.
Our members from St.Petersburg (Russia) also maintain good communication with each other.
Currently we’re working on organization of other local MXS divisions and further improvements in established chapters.

hwbot: Any upcoming plans for going up the rankings?
Modlabs.net: Being realists, we have plans to take over 3rd place in nearest future. But of course our ambitions aren’t going to stop there so we will continue to gather boints… Nothing is impossible!

hwbot: How is the overclocking scene in your country?
Modlabs.net: Overclocking itself was always popular in our region as an instrument for lowering the cost of PC without compromising the performance. But when it comes to extreme overclocking – it slowly gains popularity since 2004 and frankly speaking is still in worse condition than in USA and EU… We are proud to say that ModLabs.net was the first website which began constant active promotion and education on extreme overclocking topics (voltmodding, waterchillers, phase-change cooling, 3DMark benchmarking, etc) – far before it was recognized by wider circle of PC users in our region. Basically, establishing of Team MXS itself in 2004 was done to popularize this hobby and strengthen the small newborn community of extreme overclocking enthusiasts from Russia, Ukraine and other Russian-speaking countries.
As you can see, for the time being we have enough good overclockers to form few different quite powerful Hwbot teams.

hwbot: Are there any other hwbot teams in your country? If so, are there plans to make a united team?
Modlabs.net: There are several such teams. Most well-known of them is Russian Over Team (#4-5 in team ranking with 2550 boints), but Overсlockers.сom.UA Team (#18 with 800 boints) and Topmods.NET (#44 with 175 boints) also worth mentioning in connection to their Hwbot achievements. Also baika10vers (regional Russian team from Ulan-Ude city) climbs up the ranking quite actively, being now #49 with 150 boints, as well as Koenigsberg-based X-MoDDers (#58 with 111 boints). Less known are L-B-H Team (#81 with 57 boints) from Belorussia, Ice Siberian team (#86 with 50 boints) and 3DNewSSupreme Team (#123 with 6 boints). Talking about ex-USSR countries, we have not to forget Baltic states: Hinnovaatlus from Estonia (#24 with 600 boints) and EOZ Team Latvia (#42 with 185 boints) are representing this region though unfortunately we do not maintain any contact with them. So actually Russian-speaking teams can even form some kind of a regional hwbot team ranking, as you see… What is also need to be mentioned is the fact that one of the best overclockers in Russia – Big_Sam didn’t join any team at all but his personal record on hwbot is very impressive too.
We discussed the possibility to form a union with some of mentioned above teams but there are no specific plans for this at the moment. And some sort of regional rivalry even brings for all of us an additional motivation. Between Team MXS and Russian Overs Team exists an olympic spirit of friendly competition – of course, each of us do the best to perform better and advance through the ranks, but we congratulate each other after new achievements and regularly communicate at teams’ forums.

On the other hand we want to admit that sum of boints received even only by two best teams from our region (MXS and Russian Overs) would be enough to outperform XtremeSystems and reach the first place, while adding boints from 4 next teams would make it to 6500+ boints range. This theoretical speculation can be an indicator for region’s potential.

hwbot: How prominent is the overclocking hobby in your country?
Modlabs.net: Despite everything said above and the fact that regional hardware forums include many thousands of people interested in mainstream overclocking, the circle of true extreme overclocking enthusiasts isn’t that large and we know each other quite well.

hwbot: What does hwbot bring to this hobby in your opinion?
Modlabs.net: For many MXS members hwbot became a reason for return to professional benchmarking, so we consider it’s as a great idea. For example, after two years of inactivity, ALT-F13 recently returned to benchmarking as hwbot brought new motivation for him – not just compete alone, but to help the whole Team MXS on our way to the top.
Keep up working guys, good luck and thank you for creating this overclockers’ dragstrip!

hwbot: Anything you would like to change or add in hwbot?
Modlabs.net: We are looking forward the transition to version 2.0 with new hwboints calculation system. From what it was heard we think it will be more interesting and motivative than existing one.
What we would appreciate the most is better balance between categories. For example, if there are 100+ results on specific videocard or CPU it would be nice to award adequately not only TOP-5 but ten or twenty best performers. On the other hand, some rare or junk hardware categories with 1-3 results should be awarded maximum by 1 boint for the leader and that’s all. By doing so it is possible to ensure that price of boints become more honest: to give an idea, it is much harder to reach #6 with GeForce 7900 GT in 3DMark 03 than #1 with some of numerous long forgotten Pentium 4 Celeron CPUs in wPrime…
hwbot: We agree, and the second revision of hwboints should make getting great overclocks more rewarding.

hwbot: Does your team concentrate on some specific benchmarks?
Modlabs.net: First of all it is a good old 3DMark 2001 SE which is still the all-time favourite for most MXS members. But for effective team work it is impossible to concentrate on just one or couple of benchmarks. So we pay attention to all of them though best success is shown in PCMark 05, wPrime, CPU-Z and 3DMark 03.

hwbot: Do you have a message to send to your team members?
Modlabs.net: All internal team communication is perfectly organized through public and private Team MXS sections at ModLabs.net forums, so we do not need to use interview for that.

hwbot: Have you done anything special to motivate your team members?
Modlabs.net: The existence of hwbot team ranking itself is a good motivation for teamplay and better personal achievements, not to mention the fact of unofficial regional friendly race between MXS and Russian Overs.
But we have some nice ideas about additional efforts to increase the motivation of team members. These will be announced in near future but for now it is too early to tell.
hwbot: Thank you for this great interview, and good luck in the competition!

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