hwbot interviews Russian Overs Team

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hwbot interviews Russian Overs Team

Today we interview the Russian Overs Team. While little is known about this Russian team to the western world, they have made a remarkable entry in the top 5 of the global team ranking.

Russian Overs Team

hwbot:Can you tell something about your team?
Russian Overs Team: The decision to establish a team was made by 12 and Sergey13. It was done in connection with local Russian overclockers champ (Titans Cup 3). During the competition, one more well-known overclocker, Nazar, joined the team. Only a few people believed in the new team, but a “GoldCup” in all four categories gave us “self-reliance” and let us go forward with our plans.
The next step was a decision to join HWBOT competition. First shot was successful. All our previous results were submitted and with a great satisfaction we found that we are not at the bottom of international ranks. Unfortunately, moving to the top was much harder than we could realize it
Resources we nearly exhausted, and we stopped in our movement for some time. This short-term “stagnation” finished after we have completely understood the process how boints are calculated, and decided to test some low or middle end hardware. The experience in overclocking, testing lot of different hardware, joining one more well-known locally team member, Mayk, allowed us to continue moving forward with full power.

We can not say we have any “world wide recognized” team member, but some of them are presented in HWbot and ORB hall of fame.
The most famous member of our team is Nazar. His best results repeatedly appear in ORB Hall of fame. Our main trump is absence of “star fever”. And as a result – advantage over some guys, who don’t want to follow the rules, hoping that rules will be changed to suite their scores. After reading rules of hwbot competition we decide to get points by accessible for our team way. If in future rules will be changed, we plan to change our tactics. We join this competition to be the best team, and we are ready for all troubles. At this time we could easily see that scoring method will be restructured, to make quality results prevail over quantity. This plans make us looking for pots and LN2.

hwbot: Any upcoming plans for going up the rankings?
Russian Overs Team: Our plans in hwbot competition is to be first team and nothing less.

hwbot: How is the overclocking scene in your country?
Russian Overs Team: Our country is quite cold. And even air cooling is very strong weapon.

hwbot: Are there any other hwbot teams in your country? If so, are there plans to make a united team?
Russian Overs Team: There are many teams in Russia, and also there some experienced individuals, but all talks about unifications remain just talks, so XS and OCX teams could sleep calm.

hwbot: How prominent is the overclocking hobby in your country?
Russian Overs Team: The majority of population in our real huge country doesn`t know what is “overclocking”.

hwbot: What does hwbot bring to this hobby in your opinion?
Russian Overs Team: It allows members or teams from whole world to join international competition. Of course, it stimulates to receive better results in the heat of the “battle”.

hwbot: Anything you would like to change or add in hwbot?
Russian Overs Team: We just want to change our position to the first place.

hwbot: Does your team concentrate on some specific benchmarks?
Russian Overs Team: No, we have nice results in many benchmarks. But we had some preferences in “specific” application, and you must know the name of it.

hwbot: Do you have a message to send to your team members?
Russian Overs Team: I believe in our team, and I believe that we have power to get to the top.

hwbot: Have you done anything special to motivate your team members?
Russian Overs Team: Our team was created to win, and every local wins is good reason to get another wins and as a result take a first place.
hwbot: Thank you for your time!

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