Hwbot crew interview: Massman (super moderator)

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Hwbot crew interview: Massman (super moderator)

Today we interview Massman, the guy who’s keeping our database clean and shiny. If there would be such a thing as the Overclocking Police, Massman would be head of it.

hwbot: Can you tell something about yourself?
Massman: My name is Pieter-Jan, I live in Belgium and I’m 18 years old. I’m currently trying to finish my last year of Latin-maths and hope to do psychology next year. At the moment I’m single, so I have (too) much time at hand to overclock. Recently, Jort, Blind and me restarted OC-Team.Be in order to get an unified belgian oc team, which worked out pretty will with the help of [M]adshrimps. We only have oc’ers of the dutch speaking part of Belgium, but I’m hope that we’ll have good oc’ers from the French speaking side pretty soon. Currently, we’re fighting to stay above the 1000 points in the team league, which gives us the 15th place. Not bad, because we don’t have a lot high ranked oc’ers (two members in the top100), so our succes is based on team play. Apart from the benchmarking hobby, I play soccer at a local team (KWS Desselgem) and I squash from time to time.

hwbot: How did you get recruited?
Massman: Funny story :-). I ran across the hwbot page and I saw my older results that should have been deleted by then … so I asked RB. While I was scanning the HWBot database, I noticed a lot of wrong results … and I reported them. Apparently I reported too much, ’cause suddenly I was asked if I would like to be a result moderator (in fact, I had to write an extra job application, but my version sounds a lot better :-p). And before I know it, I’m here, checking the latest reports (via mail, forums, pm’s …), today eight months and seven days.

hwbot: What do you do for hwbot?
Massman: Deleting, blocking, verifying, editing YOUR scores.

hwbot: What does working for hwbot give you in return?
Massman: A lot more than I expected, I must say. At first, I thought this would be just editing and verifying, nothing more than just background work, but now I see people contacting me for info/questions/remarks about hwbot. I have met great overclockers (not only when it comes to great scores, but also when we’re talking about personality) AND I am able to work on a site that’s doomed to grow bigger and bigger. I really hope that this will be an authority like the FM orb once was/still is (whatever your opinion is), but we still have a long way to go.

hwbot: Are you an overclocker yourself? If so, how did you get sucked into it? Any overclocking awards you’re proud of?
Massman: Hell yeah! I’m born to be an overclocker :-). If you look at my benchmark profile, you’ll see what I mean. The very first pc I overclocked was also my very own personal computer. I assembled the thing myself and ran it a few days stock. Then I started to run 3dmarks, ‘just for a quick test’. But my points were LOW … very low and I didn’t know how that possibly could have happened. I started to overclock my GeForce3 Ti 200 and Barton 2600+ to about 250/550 and 21xx Mhz (the via chipset sucked :-( ). Since that day, I have never had a setup run stock, I always want to run faster than others. Even with older cpu’s and vga’s I still do a lot of overclocking.

My favorite oc’s:
– Ti200: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9060201 (hard to get high scores)
– Fx5700: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9182917 (one hell of an overclocker … bought it for €20)
– 3800+ X2: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=553830 (First experiance with DICE, benching day at Blind’s place)
– 3000+: http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=151865 (Second dry ice encounter, so close to the WR)
– 2600+ XP-M: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=546823 (Coolest chip I ever had, I would have liked using it subzero, but it died)

hwbot: Are there any upcoming hwbot features you are excited about?
Massman: Of course the new hwboints system, with hopefully both good points for older hardware and no boints for just storing results. And of course the free hardware gifts to result moderators … (Nah, just kidding you guys :-D ) and lots more. I have access to the crew forums so, I see a lot of interesting ideas popping up.

hwbot: What is, in your opinion, missing from hwbot?
Massman: A lot, but that’s just me :-). I’m always giving myself 100% and sometimes rush things too much. Some of my ideas are just not realistic at this moment and some are too hard to implement or would need a new server to run everything perfect. Anyway, I’ll give you some hints about the ideas:

– Direct submittion of AM3 results (remember the ARC?)
– Points based on more than just places
– Using some FutereMark ORB info for better comparison (e.g. game details comparison on the hwbot page)

hwbot: What was the most memorable hwbot experience for you, if any?
Massman: Hmm, I have some rather painful memories that are HWBot related, but that’s something I don’t want to discuss anymore. Memorable for sure are the HWBoints system, invented by Mtzki, which took benchmarking to another level for me. By the way, within a few weeks, I should have another memorable moment, when passing the 50.000 results barrier :-).

hwbot: Which hardware do you currently own?
Massman: Intel E6300
DFi p965
Nvidia 6200Ge
Cooling: P3 cooler on top op 6300

I don’t really bench one system. If you look at my bench profile, you’ll see that I have many s462 and even s423 cpu’s laying around. I love to bench older vga’s, because it’s more work to get a decent score. I’d like to play high-end once, just to know how it feels to be top20 in the world, but atm, I don’t have the funds or the sponsors to do so. I’m planning to do ln² benching later this summer, when I have tested the DFI p965 (still has to arrive) and my e6300 well enough. Until then, I’m able to use watercooling and single stage cooling anytime I want.
hwbot: Thank you for your time!

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