Hwbot crew interview: Sadhiq (processor content manager)

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Hwbot crew interview: Sadhiq (processor content manager)

Today we interview Sadhiq, the person who you have to thank for having a whopping +700 processor models in the hwbot database.

Sadhiqhwbot: Can you tell something about yourself?
Sadhiq: I’m a 22 year-old student, hoping to say that I’ll be graduated at the end of the year in translation studies. I’m willing to work in the computer world.

Some facts about me:
* Living in one of the most beautiful country and also the heart of Europe : Brussels, Belgium.
* I’m committed to my girl.
* Sitting in front of this screen, going out with friends, overclocking, benching, partying, playing Hacky Sack, reading, working for hwbot! :D
* Proud member of the overclocking-masters’ team : I was looking for a french-speaking team but most of all, I wanted to learn from well experienced overclockers.

hwbot: How did you get recruited?
Sadhiq: Since I found this project a really good idea, I made an application and luckily enough for me, RB was looking for someone.

hwbot: What do you do for hwbot?
Sadhiq: I maintain the processor specifications, I occasionally write news and I’m a former result moderator.

hwbot: What does working for hwbot give you in return?
Sadhiq: The gratification of being part of a very nice project, the possibility to meet new people and to learn lots of things.
Moreover, it enables me to do something for the community.

hwbot: Are you an overclocker yourself? If so, how did you get sucked into it? Any overclocking awards you’re proud of?
Sadhiq: Yes ! Well, I started with an old Pentium 1 100, which was reluctant to overclocking, I jumped to a Pentium II which was clearly better and from that moment on, I was infected by the overclocking virus.
I’m quite proud of my old Sapphire X1900GT(rev1), it overclocked to 776/882! I “was” also proud of the 4439Mhz achieved by my Xeon 3050 until the evening of the same day when I saw the 5002Mhz reached by a team-mate.

hwbot: Are there any upcoming hwbot features you are excited about?
Sadhiq: Well, to be honest, I can’t tell you about the upcoming features of the future releases. It’s completely confidential! :D But what I can tell you, it’s that I’m very excited about it . I like the fact that we’ll soon be able to wear hwbot’s clothes…

hwbot: What is, in your opinion, missing from hwbot?
Sadhiq: A memory database. Personally, I like to overclock memory modules, but I couldn’t find any real databases. I would be delighted to see such a feature added to hwbot. Simple rankings of the best overclockings classified by their cas latencies and a nice memory benchmark.

hwbot: What was the most memorable hwbot experience for you, if any?
Sadhiq: When I first got in the crew, I had to become familiar with the tools used, so I made some little mistakes but none of big-scale!

hwbot: Do you have a page on the web of your own?
Sadhiq: Yes, sure!

hwbot: Which hardware do you currently own?
Sadhiq: Xeon 3050
P5B-E Plus
2x1024Mb OCZ SLI-Edition PC8500
BFG OC 8800GTS 320Mb
Antec NeoHE500W
Stacker 810 + LIS2
All Watercooled: Laing DDC 10W, Nexxos XP, Black Ice Xtreem 240, AquaTube (soon: ZM-GWB8800)
But it changes often :p
hwbot: That’s some nice equipment! Thank you for your time!

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