Phase change cooling on a Pentium 1?

Phase change cooling on a Pentium 1?

Ever wondered what would happen if you put todays top cooling units on a decade old processor? One of our forum users, Turrican, couldn’t resist finding out and modified his Vapo LS to fit on an ancient Socket 7 motherboard.

Granted, gaining a lot of hwboints by overclocking old hardware is frowned upon by some overclockers, but Turrican sure earned his! To know more, read the original forum topic.

Used hardware:

Epox EP-MVP3G5 (2MB L2(3)-Cache)
2 x 128MB PC133 @ 2-2-2-5
Geforce 4 Ti 4600


AMD K6 266 0.25µ @ 450mhz @ 2.5V
AMD K6-2 500 0.25µ @ 619mhz @ 2.8V
AMD K6-3 450 0.25µ @ 567mhz @ 2.8V

Intel CPUs:

Intel Pentium 200 0.35µ @ 250mhz @ 3.3V
Intel Pentium MMX 233 0.35µ @ 334mhz @ 3.3V

First insulation layerSecond insulation layer (here's already a P 233MMX installed)Third insulation layerFourth (last) insulation layerHeatpad on the back of the board, to avoid possible condensationClamps were used for fixing the evaporator on the board.72.jpgAll set to go!Here, i was installing Heavy Metal Fakk2. It ran pretty good on the K6-3 @ 567Mhz.

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