Explore the Bot - Gain HWBoints

Explore the Bot – Gain HWBoints

With the HWBot working at full steam we’re getting quite a stiff competition in the popular hardware rankings, if you have a 7900GT or 8800 GTS you will find it hard to get a lot of HWBoints, unless you’re cooling everything with Dry Ice or LN2. But don’t despair there is hope.

While the HWBot does cater towards the extreme enthusiasts there are still a lot of HWBoints to be acquired by exploring the different benchmarks supported by the HWBot. The crew is actively seeking out HWBot friendly applications to add to the bench suite; the WPrime32 is a very appropriate example of how a benchmark application should work, integrated with the bot.

If you only bench 3D marks, only SuperPi or Aquamark, you are missing boints which can be rather easily obtained by running more benchmarks; tweak your system to gain that slightly higher ranking and pile up those HWBoints.

If you have an older graphics card or CPU lying around, it might be worth it to test and benchmark with this system, as you don’t only get boints for your global ranking, but also based on what hardware you are using; by using different hardware setups you can again get more boints. CPU related benchmarks are: SuperPi, PiFast, WPrime32, PCMark04, PCMark05 and CPU-Z. GPU related benchmarks are: 3DMark2001SE, 3DMark03, 3DMark05, 3DMark06 and Aquamark

By submitting results for all the benchmark you increase your chances of getting HWboints, check out the competition in the TOP 5 ranking to see how much you need to score in order to secure a high rank.

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