(your feedback on) Eighteen Months of Full-time HWBOT


Belgium Massman says:

Feedback is much appreciated :).

Oh, and in contrary to the Rev4 thread, I'll also read the posts containing bad language :D

Christian Ney says:

You did a good job thx

EDIT: And you are still doing btw

United States Linuxfan says:

+1 :)

Austria Turrican says:

you are doing a good job pieter, way to go :)

Belgium Teemto says:

Job well done.

Whipes away a tear...

Greece zoro says:

i wish you to have the courage and the will to continue as much as possible and why not to get more help in the future ;)

Argentina Manu_182 says:

Hwbot is like every overclocker's home... I mean, where else can we show what we do, and probably achieve fame or glory... or get the respect from our colleagues?. The last thing I would rather see on earth, is this group to end. See you around!

Colombia saint19 says:

I start to overlock the pass year, with basic components I try to get the most that I can. The good thing here, is that while you try to do that, the people start to know you and help you, that's the good thing of overclockers community. I hope improve my skill, get much more experience and maybe get better components to be on the semi-professional or professional group of overclockers. See you ;)

United States Bobnova says:

I think you're doing a good job, and a far better job than most would.

United States Hondacity says:

time for massman rev 2.0 ..... good job boss

United States steponz says:

Keep up the good work Mass... lets keep it coming.... :)

Australia Dinos22 says:

you're working too hard

Australia JJJC says:

dinos22 said: you're working too hard

How does it go? No leave, no life :p

Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for the cheers! But ... don't forget to point out the mistakes and the do-not-do-this for the future :)

Malta Icevid says:

Job well done keeping the site top notch and very active. Keep up the good work :)

Germany SoF says:

Sometimes we are discussing, sometimes we have been discussing hard, almost smashing our heads but in the end there is always an improvement of the rules, of the point calculations or the development of hwbot itself - since the day you are working here there is a steady progress visible which stands for your good work and enthusiasm. you always bring in new ideas even not everybody (and usually me) likes them on the first look, the benifit behind is often visible a bit later (like rev3). a long study of how hwbot is working and in which direction it should go is what you seem to analyse and steer very good.
I am very curious what the next years will bring us and how hwbot develops.

Be sure I will always be one of thoose guys writing "oh noes, let everything how it was, this is tradition" but keep on bringing new ideas and things into hwbot - someday I will understand them :p :D

PS: that whole post is enough glorification for you for the entire year - time to slap you around in another topic :D

United States miahallen says:

SoF said: PS: that whole post is enough glorification for you for the entire year - time to slap you around in another topic :D


Venezuela contreras says:

+1 good

Germany der8auer says:

I can just agree on the ppl infront of me :) Keep on your good work, pieter!

United States Neur0mancer says:

The bot has been great and a lot of fun. Change is never easy, pleasing everyone less so. Good job keeping the lights on!

United States OC Maximus says:

Keep up the good work Massman, time to make this place even better. Everyone is watching so don't fudge it up :D

United States SteveRo says:

Thanks for keeping things running and all you do for us!

K404 says:

I appreciate the work you've done and I know 100% that being full-time and dedicated to HWB means you can get more work done... and faster. I guess the introduction of Rev4 will be the biggest test of your success or failure as a full-time employee ;) We sure as hell don't agree on everything... maybe in part it's a culture clash. It's ok though, i'll persuade you gently on MSN over the next few months ;)

Australia T_M says:

- Having a strong committee overseeing decision making that affect all users is important. - I think seeking the users' feedback in the lead up to major changes has been good and resulted so far in the optimal system. - Nowadays i find the points to be spread across too many benchmarks, thus i find myself not being able to focus enough of my precious little time for benching on the individual benchmarks and submit only mediocre results.

Denmark M.Beier says:

My feedback was removed it seems.

Belgium Massman says:

K404 said: I guess the introduction of Rev4 will be the biggest test of your success or failure as a full-time employee

Gah ...

"Free points for everyone!!"

(success secured :) )

T_M said: - Having a strong committee overseeing decision making that affect all users is important.

Knowing that the larger the committee, the slower and/or more difficult it is to get things done, who should be on this committee, in your opinion?

unknown Hollywood says:

Thank you, Massman!

Eeky NoX says:

Thanks for all Pieter ! Keep up the good work ;) At my level nothing to complain about for sure :P

NB: oh! plz give lotta free points for M.Beier to encrease his ego ^^

United States bdriskill says:

i love you

United States Q56_Monster says:

You do a great job Massman! Thanks for everything you do.

Belgium Gamer says:

Who is Massman ?

Spain Predator says:

compromising everyone is not an easy duty, rather than that it's plain impossible, your work here makes you being exposed to everyone and you'll be eventually crucified for your decisions (by some people), still you have the guts to do it, that makes me show respect to you great job Pieter :)

United States sno says:

I know I'm a little late to the party... Pieter, you've done a great job. Sure you've had to make some decisions that may upset some people, but as a good community leader, it's your obligation. You're a cool dude both online and in person, and keep up the good work.

United States I.M.O.G. says:

Nice article. Couldn't agree more with sno.lcn Pieter. I would also agree that the extreme overclocking meetups wouldn't be organized on the same scale if it weren't for hwbot.org establishing a pervasive and accepted platform by which to submit and compare our results against others. Thanks!

Belgium Teemto says:

Hi Pieter, a suggestion for the site. It would be great if one could export ones submissions to excel (4th tab under My profile).

Another usefull statistic would be to get a one page overview for a specific CPU or GPU all top 5 scores for each of the benchmarks. That way you can immediately see what to aim for (when hunting for cups ;-)).

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