Upcoming features at hwbot

Upcoming features at hwbot

screenshot_8.pngHWbot shifts up a gear as RB returns from vacation, the coder behind hwbot. Mtzki, our acting admin during RB’s absence, has done an amazing job thinking up ways to improve hwbot. RB won’t sit idle for the next few months years.

What’s upcoming:

hwboints revision 2
The very first edition of hwboints – a scoring method to compete between overclockers – was invented out of the blue by mtzki, and has allready addicted an unhealthy amount of overclockers. As initially claimed, the original hwboint algorithm was never supposed to be the final version. We have learned a lot during the past few months, and we believe the second revision will address the encountered issues, increase fairness and most important, will even be more fun addictive.

custom signatures
The signature engine has matured over the last half year enough to release it’s innards to the public. Expect being able to create custom signatures / avatars yourself soon!

hwbot hardware index
We provide a great way for expert users to check how hardware performs and overclocks when using specific benchmark applications, but what we are missing is a global index for hardware. Imagine the hwbot hw index to be the hwboints for hardware. It’s not based on a single benchmark result, but based on performance over multiple benchmark applications. This would be an unique way to show a view on hardware performance: an index based on multiple benchmark applications and on multiple users.

improved result moderation
The basic system at work for keeping the hwbot database clean of fake / wrongly submitted results has troubles keeping up with the increasing popularity of hwbot. To releave some pressure from our hwbot result moderators – those who check submitted results and/or reported results for validity – the system to moderate results will be extended. Expect an easier and more intuitive way to check the validity of the submitted results.

after cpu-z comes… gpu-z?
Still in it early phases, but a very promising thought has been brought to our attention. While there is fantastic software available to check and validate processor specs (cpu-z), little exists for checking and validating videocard specs. A way to reliably prove you can run your videocard at certain settings would really benefit the overclocking community.

competitions, quarterly / monthly rankings
While the hwboint system is great, it’s nature causes your hwboints to decrease / increase all the time, even if you haven’t submit any results lately. Adding competitions or hall-of-fame’s for fixed points in time (like each month, quarter or year) would prove you were a bigshot once upon a time. :)

new benchmarks
Nuclearus Multi Core SF3D and mtzki have eagerly scouted the benchmark arena for new applications to join our suite. Nuclearus Multi Core seems to be the most promising. It’s simple, fun and provides a good idea how your pc performs. We hope to add this to our suite soon. In the meanwhile, we’re still looking out for a good memory benchmark.

more team interviews
Want to know your enemy? Expect indepth interviews with some of the worlds largest, elitest or upcoming teams soon.

extended result info
While we can not verify the cooling method used when overclocking in any way, it’s very neat to know how a specific result got achieved by knowing the cooling method. Other things, like memory used or pictures of the setup used are planned extentions to our system too.

manufacturer support?
Although advertising is probably one of your less favorite parts of a webpage, hwbot is negotiating with overclocking minded manufacturers to support hwbot. The better support, the more contest prizes and time we can spare up to improve hwbot. If you are a manufacturer and would like frontpage advertising, don’t hesitate to contact us for a price quote.

So, RB knows how to spend his time in the next decade. Keep a close eye on the front page to keep track of progress.

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