More WR's ! *Updated*(4)

More WR’s ! *Updated*(4)

Roro managed to take the SuperPi32M title back form K|ngp|n with an astonishing 9min 25,340s. The interesting part of the story is that he used the 975x chipset instead of the P965 chipset K|ngp|n uses.

It’s not the only WR that has been broken. Roro, again, managed to break his own PiFast record and has set it to 17,14s.

Big congrats to Roro !!

EDIT: Hipro5 managed to set a new 3DMark01 record !! More details here: Click.

EDIT2: Overklokk is setting new WR’s too … 06 single card: 18286.

EDIT3: Overklokk’s score was just broken by KP’s backup: 18364 points

EDIT4: Wr back to Overklokk, 18386 … NO NO NO, back to K|ngp|n: 18487… I wonder how many edits I’m able to make in one newspost :D

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