OPB takes AM3 WR.

OPB takes AM3 WR.

After the great run by Hipro5, giving him a 7.5k lead, OPB couldn’t stay behind. After a few hours benching the setup, he ended up with a score of 275,590 points, a new AM3 WR.

Just for fun, he has also ran a 3dmark01. Nothing special, just testing, I guess, more info here.


X6800 @ 5421mhz, 1.89v
intel bad axe 2
ram @ 3-3-3-1 ddr835

While running the AM3 bench, he made a video, which clearly shows the bench itself, taskbar and taskmanager. Note: the cpu-z shows a slower speed, because EIST was turned on. Video link here and here (mirror). Official thread at OCX forums.

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