HWBOT Country Cup 2010

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HWBOT Country Cup 2010

The HWBOT Country Cup is back! After waiting more than a year for the second edition of our very successful Country Cup 2009, a new challenge has arrived. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the HWBOT Country Cup competition series is, unlike most of the other competitions held throughout the year, all about the national pride. When you clock, you clock for your country. After all, the ranking is not based on a single submission but on the top-3 average submissions per country. In addition to last year’s rules, the top-3 must use different (!) hardware.

This year’s edition is a little less stressing than last year. Instead of holding one stage per week, we are launching one stage per two days and let them open until the very last day of the competition. In spirit of the Country Cup we are keeping the stage limitations a secret until the day before the start of the competition. Note that the stage names already contain a hint of the benchmark and hardware limitations, which can come in handy for making sure you have all the right gear. Know, however, that each stage has very specific limitations …

For the winners, we’re currently in the process of trying to find appropriate prizes. Stay tuned for more information!

Important note: competition scheme adjusted slightly; each stage lasts 15/16 days – last stage starts when first stage ends.

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