Help HWBOT development through Pledgie

Help HWBOT development through Pledgie

Click here to lend your support to: HWBOT Server Storage Upgrade and make a donation at !To make the HWBOT donation system a bit more transparent, we have decided to set up an account at This website allows us to create campaigns (or projects) to which people can donate. This means that whenever you make a donation, you will know what the donation is used for and this give you an insight in how you have contributed to the development of this site. Our first Pledgie-campaign is to upgrade the storage of our main database server. More info inside:

HWBOT users are always keen on sending along pictures of their overclocking system. Of course, the HWBOT staff applauds this as those pictures definitly make browsing through the results a lot more enjoyable. The downside is, however, that pictures take up heaps of storage space.

To make sure storage doesn’t run out soon (95% mark has already been reached), HWBOT is investing in a new set of storage drives. If you wish to, you can help the development of HWBOT by donating for this cause, which helps us in securing the financial side of the site.

Storage upgrade contains:

2 x €80: Western Digital Caviar Green 2000GB, 64MB Cache, SATA II (WD20EARS)
2 x €65: DELL Hot Swap HD-Caddy SAS SATA PowerEdge R410

Total cost: €290.

Thank you very much for your trust and support!

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