hwboints definition update coming

hwboints definition update coming

The first proposition for hwboints rev2 is ready. One of the main design goals is to make this system final, with only minor changes possibly needed afterwards. There’s still plenty of time to comment the design before the revision takes place.
Main changes:

  • Increasing the position ranges for awarding boints, especially by introducing the ‘offsets’ to give boints to all the user’s best scores in every global and hw ranking. Users are guaranteed to get at least goffset=1 boint for every bm (if they have a submission that is). This will make the system much more rewarding and motivating especially for new users.
  • Team overall score computed by summing the overall points for only the top n benchers of the team. Removes the big team bias (which would be much worse after the above change), makes the needed team size much more manageable and should result in more interesting team competition in the long run.
  • Steeper global boints curve between #6 to #20 and #20 to #100. The current system doesn’t discriminate these positions enough. E.g. from 6th to 20th position boints drop only by 2.3. In the new system this drop would be 13.2.

Please check the definition and related questions at our forum. The following figure shows the new global points curve (horizontal: ranking position; vertical: awarded global points):


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