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Greece zoro says:

This kind of rating is welcomed by me! i suppose the rating code won't be simple. :) In my results i always check to see if i have some kind of efficiency compared to other results for self satisfactory purposes :) If this could be translated to some extra boints, it would be great!

United States Linuxfan says:

Interesting read and concept. Efficiency is important in getting a good result and I'm surprised how many results are inefficient posted here...

Norway knopflerbruce says:

I like the principle, but because there are too many factors involved, it's impossible to find a formula that works.

United States steponz says:

You should use a formula and post it as part of the benchmark.. would be cool to have more info on benches.


well you could do it with 1m straight off the bat, but 32m and 3d benches would need some work..

i am sure there are benches that also conform to the same simple formula as 32m

would be great, to be honest for me, i am always checking hwbot to look up benchmark efficiency, so this feature would be very valuable for me

United States G H Z says:

"Instead of using the entire range of overclocking results to determine efficiency, we can use a limited ranking based on similar results." Well this is exactly how pp should be used, and was used, by the people who created it. No one ever said it's useable among widely differing frequencies.

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