OPB: 700, KP: 600, XS: 6000

OPB: 700, KP: 600, XS: 6000

hwbotmembers.JPGToday it’s another special day for HWBot. OnePageBook, Team OCX’s community leader, has broken the 700 points barrier in the members ranking. Anyone who thinks the battle for the n°1 spot is over, is wrong though. K|ngp|n uploaded some results today and became the second person to break the 600 points barrier. Interesting is the fact that he uses only a third of the amount of results submitted by OPB. If he plans on taking over the n°1 spot, he might just only have to upload some 2d benchmark results!

hwbotteams.JPGNot only in the members ranking record are being broken. XtremeSystems just managed to reach 6000 points and now has a giant lead of 1200 points. Some say it’s because of the contest they’re organizing, others say it’s because they have the best oc-team in the world. Fact is that because of the extra results, they are n°1, whether they are the most talented team or not.

EDIT:// K|ngp|n is getting really close now and he promised to do some 3D benchin tonight !


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