Drop in hwboints not a bug

Drop in hwboints not a bug

please_stand_by_4.jpg It was pointed out by two hwbot members a few days ago that they had results which unjustfully recieved points.

After investigating we noticed a bug was introducent when we optimized the hwboint algorithm for speed 2 weeks ago. The bug primarely affects people who submit a lot of results with the same hardware. Once hwboints where awarded for a specific result, and you would submit a slightly better one with the same hardware, it caused the hwboints of the old score not to reset to zero.

Obviously, people who submit a lot of results for the same hardware, each time a little better, and waited to recieve hwboints until submitting the next one, gathered a lot of points together in the past two weeks. Fixing this bug made a significant drop in the team and member total for some.

Our appologies for the ‘bumpy ride’ this night. As bad luck comes in threes, we had databaseserver troubles when we wanted to fix this problem, and it was at the same time signatures are generated. So, now everybody is pissed because: hwbot was down for 2 hours, some lost a significant amount of hwboints, and the sigs are generated at a time the database was completely going banana. I rock.

On the bright side, the hwboints you see now are the real hwboints, the signature refreshes twice a day now instead of once, and the bug that haunted the team benchapp rankings (teams ranked oth) has been squashed too.

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