hwbot (b11) update - dedicated server

hwbot (b11) update – dedicated server

* new features:

  • top team members‘ summary on front page, with a link to the complete list
  • daily submitted results / daily submitted team results summary on front page. Links to the complete list.
  • added minimal hwboints and ‘submitted after‘ and ‘submitted beforefields in search result page

* improvements

  • front page reorganized
  • search result page cleaned up
  • webapp ported from mysql4 to mysql5
  • any image is now accepted when submitting a result, as long as it’s less than 300k. Thumbs are only generated for png and jpg.
  • userfriendly way to view thumbnails of submissions
  • dramatically decreased memory consumption when handling screenshots / thumbs

* bugfixes

  • attention mark for reported results are only shown to crewmembers

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