HWBot overview

HWBot overview

The battle between Team OCX and XtremeSystems has brought a huge amount of submits: in no time our database went from 26k up to 27.5k! After the takeover by OCX, XS asked their huge community to submit results, which helped XS to the n°1 spot again. With their help, XS managed to take the first spot back with an insane lead of +1000 points. Today, we’ll show you how what this battle has done with the HWBoints ranking AND we’ll give YOU hints to climb up the rankings.

First of all, let’s take a look at some pure statistics.

410-2.JPGBelieve it or not, but in the last 24 hours we have received 410 (!!!) results. To give you an idea: that’s one entry every 3 minutes 30 seconds … impressive to say at least. We challenge you, benchers, to do the impossible of 500 entries in one day! Furthermore, we can proudly announce that 57.1% of the HWBot users are registered. One other fact: the average team has twenty members and 144 results.

Next up: the HWBoint rankings.
Members top 5First of all, the members ranking. As you can see, we are honoured to have such a talented top 5. In the future we hope to see one or two (hell … why not all five) daring to challenge OPB, who’s still n°1. Also worth mentioning are Maxi, Gorod and Joe_cool and their struggle to find their way to the top.

Team top 5

The top 5 teams are still the same five as we were one week ago. Team OCX is trying to find contact with XS once again, at this moment only 700 points away. This way, we want to warn XS for the power of OCX, because legend MMouse is setting up his rig to do some serious benching. If you have a closer look to the top 10, you’ll see the great march of Russia. Two Russian teams, Team MXS Modlabs and Russian Overs Team are in the 10!

If you want to accomplish the same … read on, because you’re about to find out the way to do it.

BenchmarksHave a look at the Benchmark Popularity Pie. You’ll see that Superpi 1M (19.1%), 3DMark01 (14.8%) and 3DMark05 (14.0%) are the three most popular benchmarks … you can gain a lot of points if you have a very good setup (global points) or if you have a crazy clocking popular cpu/gpu. Anything else will result in two to five points, which is nice, but won’t help you to get a high ranking very fast. The PCMarks (3.3%) and wPrime 1024M (1.6%) aren’t popular at all, so if you want to gain points fast, just try to submit PCMark and 1024M results.

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