... the party continues ...

… the party continues …

Remember yesterday’s celebrating post? Well, today is also one of these party days: OCX vs. XS results and a lot of entries.

HWbot team ranking As you can see, Team OCX keeps the n°1 postition, but only after some serious fighting with XS. Both teams switched places multiple times today and even at the end of the day, the battle isn’t decided yet. Only 24 extra points and XS is back in the lead!

372 ResultsTogether with this battle of the best comes an enormeous amount of submitted entries. Please sit down before you read this … ready? … 350 results in one single day!
Impressive to say at least. This record may not last very long: at this particular moment we have recieved a total of 372 the last 24 hours.

Let’s end with a quote of OPB, leading figure behind Team OCX, who’s very sure about the n°1 spot.

“No big deal, the gap will be wider , trust me. cus I am just back from CES 2007”

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