wPrime added to hwbot suite, now applicable for hwboints

wPrime added to hwbot suite, now applicable for hwboints

wprime v1.27We are happy to announce that wPrime, an new benchmark application that takes full benefit of having a multiplecore processor, has been added to the hwbot benchmark suite.

wPrime has the same ease of use as SuperPi, but has 4 key benefits:

  1. multithreaded: take full use of your dual / quad core processor
  2. simplified: click 32M for a quick test, 1024M for a stability test. No 10 different methods to choose from.
  3. hwbot integration / one click comparison: no need to manually enter your result on hwbot, or post it in a bot monitored forum. Just click ‘submit’ and you can compare your result to ten thousands of other overclockers. If you belong to a team which uses a bot to monitor your forum, the bot will will update your forum ranking too.
  4. hardware recognition: in contrary to superpi, wPrime dedects your hardware automatically.

The current version is v1.28. Previously submitted results by beta testers with a client < 1.27 will be deleted.

Known issues:

  • checksum validation frequently fails on hwbot, will be fixed soon
  • if you submit another result without closing your browser window first, your browser may display cached data. Hit CTRL+F5 if you encounter this issue, or close your default browser if you submit a second result.
  • results are not coupled to your hwbot account

– edit –

All known bugs have been fixed. Sorry for the short downtime an hour ago to install the fixes.

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