G.Foyle and Zoro win in GIGABYTE AMD HD 5000 OC Challenge

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G.Foyle and Zoro win in GIGABYTE AMD HD 5000 OC Challenge

The AMD HD5000 OC Challenge organized by Gigabyte is halfway through now and that means there are two overclockers who won a mainboard through the Precision Challenge stages…

In the first Precision Challenge, the target was 50268 points in 3DMark03. Not an easy task if you know that, in contrary to 3DMark01, you have to do all tests in one run to get a score. Nevertheless, three overclockers managed to hit the target and of those three, Greek overclocker Zoro won by lucky draw. The target was hit using a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 mainboard and Radeon HD 5770 graphics card. Zoro can expect a GA-MA785GMT-US2H mainboard in the mail soon – Congratulations!

As said, 3DMark01 is a bit easier to use for this kind of precision challenge since you can run each test separately and still get a final score. I suppose the common methodology is here to finish one run completely and then pick one benchmark to fine-tune the result. Again, three different overclockers managed to hit the target of 48969 points, so a lucky draw was needed to determine the winner of the competition. This time, Polish overclocker G.Foyle can as winner out of the lucky basket. Soon to be expected in the mail: a GA-MA74GMT-S2H mainboard – Congratulations!

For those who haven’t won, have no fear. There are still two Precision Challenges left and of course the two main stages of the competition to win something. Good luck!

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