Update - AMD Thuban Voltage and Temperature Scaling

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Belgium richba5tard says:

There should be oc/voltage/temp scaling charts for each and every processor core. massman, have you got a few months spare time? :)

Romania Monstru says:

Dude!!!! Shouldn't you be partying, honeymooning, or smth like that right now? Get off teh forums :D

Belgium richba5tard says:

No honeymoon for another 5 months :( busy busy busy

United States steponz says:

How come no 1.8v on the second cpu?

Belgium Massman says:

I think Trouffman experienced instability issues.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Nice reading again, mr. Massman. Like yourself I find maximal 6-core stability limited to high 5600's MHz, that's with ASUS C4F & X6 1090T BE 1010BPMW.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

And like Trouffman, I found ~ 1.7V to be the limit of some of the cores. Other cores worked great at ~ 1.8-1.85V.

FlanK3r says:

1015 looks good

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