Bench Tec UK May 2010 Low Clock Challenge

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Bench Tec UK May 2010 Low Clock Challenge

Today I found in my overly spammed mailbox (no – I don’t need your pills!) an announcement that might interest some of you competitive overclockers. World’s #5 overclocking team, Bench Tek UK, organizing a small overclocking competition for those who like to show off their fast OS and massive tweaking skills.

Low Clock Limitations

CPU Speed is set at 3.5Ghz, for both AMD and Intel processors. Unlocked multipliers are allowed.
GPUs but be air cooled, but can be of any speed.
RAM can be of any speed and timings.
Must use the Ofiicial Competition Background.
Submissions may be made from May 8th 00:00 UTC until May 31st 23:59 UTC.


– 2D Benchmark 1: Maxxmem (Divisions: DDR1, DDR2, DDR3-
– 2D Benchmark 2: Spi 32m (Divisions: AMD, Intel)
– 3D Benchmark 1: 3DMark 01 (Divisions: AMD, Intel)
– 3D Benchmark 2: 3DMark 06 (Divisions: AMD, Intel)

Graphics Card: Single GPU from the ATi 4xxx range. Must be air cooled. LOD/mipmap: HWBot rules apply.


Each benchmark will be split into different divisions, you can submit in all if you so wish. However, only your best divisonal position in a benchmark will count towards your global domination! Positions are scored by current Formula 1 standards, such that:

From 1 to 10: 25, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1

So if you score 15 points in the 3D01 Intel division and 12 in the 3D01 AMD Division, only your 15 points will count, and no-one can get 12 points in the AMD division.

The max score you can therefore get is 100.


– To submit a score, you must have a BenchTec UK forum account.
– Submitting scores is done by emailing
– All submissions must have a picture of the rig, and a screenshot. For all screenshots, HWBot standard rules apply (2x CPU-Z, one of CPU, other of memory for 2D, include 1x GPU-Z for 3D). Background of the screenshot must be of the official competition background, found here.

Result Publication

– Current results will be published weekly.


– We’re working on it and will update as we can. To start, you’ll get a funky name colour in the forum – probably pink.

Competition Rules

– This competition is run by BenchTec UK. Your chosen admins for this competition are borandi and Sam__. Their decision is final.
– The competition will run from May 8th 00:00 UTC until May 31st 23:59 UTC. Submissions after the end time may be praised but ineligible for competition.
– To submit a benchmark, you must have a BenchTec UK forum account.
– If you are found to be in violation of any of the rules, all your results may be discounted.
– The maximum CPU clock on any benchmark is 3.500Ghz +/- 2Mhz for variation.
– For each benchmark submitted, a screenshot of the score containing the score along with 2x CPU-Z screenshots and a GPU-Z Screenshot (for 3D benchmarks) and a picture of the rig must be provided. Background must be of the official background for the competition. Failure to comply will result in a score being disqualified, and a dog may come round and eat your hats.
– For each submission, a description of the equipment used must be provided – CPU, Motherboard, RAM, GPU, GPU speed, GPU memory speed.
– For 3D benchmarks, the GPU may be hard modded, but cooling is limited to AIR ONLY.
– Scoring is under the Formula 1 system: (1st: 25, 2nd: 18, 3rd: 15, 4th: 12, 5th: 10, 6th: 8, 7th: 6, 8th: 4, 9th: 2, 10th: 1). Your best divisional position within a benchmark will count towards your point total; any scores in other divisions of that benchmark will be unobtainable by anyone. In the event of a tie, the positions in other divisions will be used. If there’s still a tie, bonus points will be added for winning weaker platforms (3pts for DDR1, AMD; 2pts for DDR2, Intel; 1pt for DDR3).
– Kit must be available at UK retail (or used to be at retail) at the start of the competition. ES chips allowed, if retail version is available.
– Any Windows based OS can be used.
– BTUK Seniors, admins and captains are ineligible for prizes.
– For everything else, standard HWBot rules apply.

More information

– Bench Tek UK forums:

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