"The Real World Record Database"

“The Real World Record Database”

* rant *

Trying to build a world overclocking database is hard. Real hard. Building a solid website is one thing, trying to get overclockers – which are usually very high demanding pc enthousiasts – to use it, is even harder. There’s no point in a ‘world record database’, if everyone submits to different databases. I can create my own little ranking, and be the sole submitter, and claim my world record. w00t.

Okay, so hwbot.org is not perfect. But it is the first website that hosts benchmark results of most popular benchapps, supports the concept of teams, allows 3th party benchapps to submit directly, has an easy to use hall of fame for both teams, members and individual scores, and has a bunch of very interesting hardware statistics pages.

the-real-wrdb.PNGSo, when the ‘competition’ starts a poll on one of the largest overclocking communities on the web, and doesn’t include us, I’m pissed. Luckely, 20.200 agree with me.

– Update on december the 1st –

Seems like someone started a new poll with hwbot as an option. Choose your favourite here.

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