A-DATA officialy supports HWBOT

A-DATA officialy supports HWBOT

As of May, A-DATA officially supports HWBOT. Founded in May, A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd. has quickly risen to become one of the world’s largest memory product providers. Favored by top overclockers, we are sure they will rise in popularity on HWBOT too.

We would like to express our gratitude to A-DATA to make HWBOT financially viable, making it possible for us to continue promoting overclocking and supporting their communities. Expect competitions funded by A-DATA and A-DATA specific achievements in the next few months.

Thank you A-DATA!


Belgium richba5tard says:

Thanks A-Data! Now it's time for some memory competitions! :D

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Oh, another supporting company. Great news! :)

Belgium Massman says:

Hooray for Adata!!! :D

United States SamSaveMax says:

OK great. Now where is the beef? :)

Belgium Gamer says:

Thanks for the support, now I know what to buy next :nana:

Greece George_oc says:

Go A-Data! Can't wait for some ram competitions... =)

Austria Turrican says:

great news

Austria Alriin says:

Good News! I think its time for my first A-Data-Kit. ;-)

United States BenchZowner says:

Memory Overclocking competitions ? Bring it on! Good memory kit ? Check :p I'm waiting :p

United States miahallen says:

Thanks for the support A-Data :)

Germany der8auer says:

Sounds good :) Thx A-DATA

Romania Monstru says:

Great news, congrats A-Data!!!

Australia eva2000 says:

looks at my 12GB A-DATA 2000X overclocking results... congrats Hwbot and welcome aboard A-Data but founded in May, ???? (year)

United Kingdom borandi says:

Nice one A-Data!

Afghanistan fly123 says:

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