GTX 480 finally up to speed - Kingpin and Shamino make it hit P60k

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GTX 480 finally up to speed – Kingpin and Shamino make it hit P60k

There’s no doubt about it – Fermi IS a very powerful card. Until just a few minutes ago, I thought that it would take a while before the Fermi would catch up with the most powerful Radeon HD 5870 setups, but two very special overclockers have convinced me that the Fermi era has begun.

# Single GPU: P33823 @ 1215/1300
# Dual GPU: P50992 @ 1165/1300
# Quad GPU: E114668 @ 1050/1250
# Quad GPU: P60748 @ 1018/1250
# Quad GPU: H49811 @ 1018/1250
# Quad GPU: X38691 @ 1018/1250

Agreed, the used setup is pretty extreme as well as the frequencies of the hardware, so this kind of performance will not be seen on each and every Fermi-based configuration, but it still is amazing to see 4 GTX480’s clocked at 1018/1250MHz hit an ‘easy’ 60k in Vantage. Using the new SR-2 mainboard, which allows users to use two Westmere-based products on one mainboard, with two X5680’s clock at 5.6GHz, these two top-overclockers actually break the entire series of 3DMark Vantage records … priceless?

More information on the event currently going on in Kingpin’s hometown Detroit and the scores and setups of that event you can find on the Kingpincooling forums: LINK

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