Time to Win! - Gigabyte Roadtrip (Updated!)

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Time to Win! – Gigabyte Roadtrip (Updated!)

As everyone knows, the active volcano on Iceland is causing a lot of trouble in Europe. All air travel has been cancelled, including the flights going from Madrid to Belgium, Sweden and Finland. So, we had to look for a different way to return from the Gigabyte overclocking event at Campus Party Europe … by car.

So, in a couple of hours Elmor, SF3D and Massman are leaving Spain by car. As Elmor states: “I really hate France”.

ETA in Finland: 60 hours.

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Arrived at Belgium, time to share a bit more pictures and videos of both the Campus Party event and the roadtrip.

As you can read in the forum over at OCXtreme, the Campus Party Europe was a gathering of a dozen EU overclockers in Madrid to show the IT community what extreme overclocking is all about. Arriving on Wednesday the 14th, we had three days to filter the good silicon from the bad and set up a system for the live overclocking session on saturday from 5PM to 10PM. In the end, it seemed that none of the Q3FE was capable of doing anything near 6GHz Vantage stable, so the scores aren’t that insanely spectacular, but there were several good scores (check out the HWBOT submission page for that soon). Fox managed a European record in PCMark05 live on stage and the team of SF3D, Elmor and Massman the highest 2xGPU in Vantage. The applause from the crowd was rather an uncomfortable moment, though …

Underneath are some pictures of the event taken by Elmor. Videos and more pictures should be posted soon on the different forums, so keep your eyes open!

I’d like to thank the entire Spanish OC crew (all ‘Antonios’) and of course Gigabyte for hosting the event. It has to be said: the event wasn’t running flawlessly, but in the end the job got done perfectly and that’s what matters. Also, a huge thanks goes out to Isi for the effort for trying to get us a car and Noelia from Gigabyte for helping us out with the hotel rooms. The volcano eruption is something no one is prepared for, so it was great to have these helping hands in time of chaos!

More pictures are on SF3D’s superphone and his camera and will be posted in roughly 25h I think. He and Elmor just left my place to head to Stockholm and will be updating the Twitter feed with updates.

Here are two other videos from the roadtrip. Also check out the forum thread for some pictures and videos.

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