MSI GTX480 breaks multiple world records

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MSI GTX480 breaks multiple world records

The MSI GTX 480 has not yet been released very long, and is already breaking multiple world records. The famous Taiwanese overclocker NickShih from team PURE broke the single card 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 world record using an MSI GTX 480 and an Intel Core i7 980X @ 6,382MHz. Liquid nitrogen was required to reach such extreme processor frequency stable, but the GTX 480 did not require any extreme cooling.

3Dmark 2005 screenshotscreenshotscreenshot

Well done MSI & NickShih!


Spain ganchito says:

I want see a 480 GTX with LN2 nick how many records have you broke?

Taiwan Garrett_Wu says:

Just found out MSI have single card WR on 3DMark01, 03, 05, 06 and Vanatage.

Taiwan jason515 says:

awesome, can't wait for Lightning......that's the Graphics it mean to play !!

Indonesia funkz says:

Its a monster vga.. absolut

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